We understand the critical role that procurement plays in the success of businesses. TCG Attorney’s Procurement services are designed to assist clients in navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding procurement processes and transactions in South Africa.

Our Procurement services include:

Procurement Policies and Procedures: We help businesses develop and implement robust procurement policies and procedures that ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices.
Contract Drafting and Review: Our attorneys provide comprehensive contract drafting and review services to protect our clients’ interests in procurement transactions. We ensure that contracts are clear, enforceable, and minimise potential risks.
Bid Protests and Disputes: In case of bid protests or disputes related to procurement, we provide expert advice and representation to protect our clients’ rights and interests. Our team has the experience and knowledge to navigate the legal complexities involved in procurement litigation in the High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court, and if necessary, to recommend alternative dispute resolution processes.
Compliance and Regulatory Advice: We assist businesses in understanding and complying with the various regulations and policies governing procurement in South Africa, including preferential procurement and black economic empowerment (BEE) requirements.